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You may go with makeup or without makeup but a head full of soft silky hair always gives a boost to your appearance. Not only do you look good, but exude confidence too. In order to experience this personality enhancement, it will be helpful to look into some tips to get silky hair.

Be it wavy hair, curly locks or straight tresses, all need proper care. With appropriate care and attention, hair of all kinds can be tamed to give a healthy glow and shine.

It is true that not all have the same hair and scalp types. Some have oily hair, while some have a very dry kind. When you lie in these two extremes, a little extra care is called for. Those lying in between with fairly normal hair conditions, do have an edge over the oily and dry types but still need to make efforts and follow tips to get silky smooth hair.

The market is flooded with hair care products. Advertisements and commercials are bombarded on consumers in all media channels promising soft, silky, smooth and shiny hair. Be it men or women, all strive to get hair that glows with health and has a beautiful shine. Irrespective of the fact that you use off-the-shelf products or homemade ones, bear in mind tips to get silky hair. With a little bit of effort you can become a proud owner of silky smooth hair.

Tips to get silky smooth hair:

Diet: The roots of hair lie within the body. They draw nutrition from the body and aid good growth and health to the strands. If you eat healthy, you provide nutrition to the hair follicles. A diet that is rich in proteins is excellent for the hair.

Hair packs:
When mentioning tips to get silky smooth hair, one can never miss out on hair packs. Some well-known and easy to locate homemade ingredients that make good hair packs include eggs, milk, honey, lemon and yoghurt. Mixed in varying proportions and different combinations, they give exceptional results. Plus they also aid in hair growth.

Oiling: Tips to get silky hair can never be complete without the mention of oil. The type of oil can differ depending upon the region you come from. It could be coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil or any other. The idea is to massage the roots, provide moisture to the strands and prevent the natural oils from being washed away. If you make it a habit to oil your hair before every wash, you provide great relief to your hair.

Cleansing:A routine cleansing process is a must to get rid of the strands and scalp off dust and grime. For those indulging in physical work and sweating a lot daily, cleaning your hair becomes imperative. Either use shampoos bought from grocery or go for homemade herbal methods. The idea is to keep the hair and scalp clean.

Conditioning: Make sure to always follow a shampooing routine with conditioning. Among homemade conditioning products, cold black tea, beer and vinegar are easy, inexpensive and helpful.

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