Get set to Cruise this weekend: Mission Impossible: Fallout has definitely set UNBEATABLE RECORDS!

Crossing over $6 million on box office this installment of MI series made its mark. Premiere  Mission Impossible 27th July 2018, Cinestar, IMAX, Lahore.

The realm of stars and celebs fired up the red carpet by their inspirational persona and portraying an ultimate affection for MI series. Amazingly astonishing event has been organized and Hosted by Mountain Dew urge us to admire this outstanding setup with so much more to offer than just a movie. So begin with some basic decorum of event, security is much appreciated and reliable. As TeamEbuzz stride in, the ambiance had given me a solemn hint that it’s going to turn up as extravagant event of the evening.

Celebs belonging to any genre of media had been contributing to this worthy not to be missed venture.

Talking about celebrities and media personals, every existence on the red carpet had a distinguishing aura and their flaunting poses grabbed the attention of the masses.  High ranked singer Nauman Javed, Ahsan and Sheraz Upal, stunning models (Kanwal IIyas and Fatima Ejaz, endowed directors Bilal Lashari and preeminent bloggers  were the spark of the environs.

Movie exempt of the snacks and popcorns? Not a chance…so let’s cater this heavenly joyous snack bar at Cinestar IMAX which was as promising as its cinematic experience. Extremely aromatic and tempting delights of movie essentials were amazingly displayed and served piping hot to their valued movie lovers.

So thumbs up for that!!

Movie Crux:

Most anticipated movie premiere had made its way to the commencement of the show that starting at 8 pm to be exact. Christopher McQuarrie  has changed his seat again to the direction and undoubtedly surpassed the level of past action movies by focusing on the ultimate action journey throughout the running plot of movie. Leaving behind action charisma in “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Mad Max Fury: On the Road”.

Starring the incomparable legendary action actor Tom cruise has proved once more its undeniable acting skills and dynamic versatility as he is one of its co-producer as well. Providing all the actions moments in the movie, Ethan hunt and the Impossible Mission Force join with CIA assassin August Walker, played by Henry Cavil, to prevent a global nuclear attack had made movie worth watching. Every scene tends to move to the next level of excitement with unending and breathtaking genuine stunts performed by the man who never age , Tom Cruise.

Regardless of the recording breaking series if MI in past years ,Fallout exceptionally proved to a world class cinematic experience as it takes us beyond imaginable passion for saving the world and sense of pure trust on each other at stakes.

Distinctive storyline predominantly made this movie a master piece for sure. The immediate change of situations, plots and up building climax had astounded the audience. Not only had this aspect, the thrilling roller coaster of events left an exceptional impact on viewers leading them to appreciate the enchanting essence of direction, script and star cast.

Detailed action orientation involves rooftop racing, bathroom punch-up and last but not the least exquisite helicopter brawl within mountain peaks had given us shivers down our spine.

The moment we aghast was the nuclear bomb remote controller positioned at the edge of mountain peak whilst Ethan And August (the villain to be exact) were confronting each other.

And to know what exactly happened, you surely need to watch this mind boggling real stunt yourself!:)

The crux is that yeah, it’s a must watch beauty for all the action movie lovers. Grab your tickets for this exciting venture and experience yourself the unforgettable movie with your friends and family. Enjoy this weekend in Tom Cruise way!

And Hey!!! Don’t forget to grab your favorite Caramel Popcorns!!

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