Get exclusive tips from Iron Box’s professional trainer to get the body fitness you yearn for: Unfolding myths!

“Your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince”

Nestled in the heart of DHA phase 3, Iron Box has marked its name in the list of top-notch fitness gyms via its astounding results and training that are utterly visible. Putting your health first in this era of tight schedules, it is mandatory to have definite results and it should be worthwhile if your are taking your time out from work and we solemnly guarantee “Iron box” is just the right place to not only loss your weight but to have healthy physique by keeping your metabolism upright!

Recently, Ebuzztoday team has visited the most talked about gym in town “Iron Box” that is promising in terms of showing best outcomes within few months. This gym also presents fitness studio and crossfit963!

Fitness trainer at Iron box Sameer has elaborated the need to have a perfect body shape with the right body weight! Following are the precious tips you surely wont want to miss especially related to Ramadaan:

What’s the essentials to get the ultimate shape of body and maintaining healthy weight in Ramadaan?

In order to have better metabolism and to gain right kind of weight, we tend to curate cardio based workout to burn stubborn fat and calories and as result we can have muscle gain!

What are best timings to workout in Ramadan?

The suitable time to have your workout in Ramadan is right after Aftari or before Aftari,but you need to be enough hydrated to start off and have beneficial drink!

Any Special energizing diet that you would recommend?

Go for dates and nutritive food items that would energize your body and would eventually help you work out without you getting tired!

It’s a myth that you should not work in Ramadan! What do you have to say about it?

Well, it only a myth! I have many friends who are athlete and sportsmen but they regularly workout. You need to just got to have potassium and sodium with enough proteins in your body!

Do you recommend female working out in Ramadan as well?

Yes, of course! Female should also workout to lose weight in Ramadan and it’s not harmful at all but just make sure that they are hydrated enough!

We have heard that you are also conducting boot camp. Can you elaborate about this?

We are soon going to have Boot Camp in our Gym and I would definitely recommend all of you to join the camp especially those who missed working out the whole year, this is the perfect time to lose weight and gain some muscles!

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