The story revolves around a girl, Haniya. She is in love with her cousin Zain.They love each other. In our society women are expected to be epitome of sacrifice & service. Things take a turn when Haniya is forced to marry her rich & spoilt cousin Kabeer instead. To uphold her family’s pride & honor she sacrifices her love & marries her cousin Kabeer.

She tries her best to win his heart but she is always ill-treated by her husband. Time is merciless & a twist of faith bring brings Zain & Haniya together under one roof. Zain gets married to Kabir’s sister Zara. Being a live-in son-in-law he has to face a humiliation from the family.

Living in the same house Zain & Haniya are very close to each other. It remains to be seen if Zain & Haniya are destines to be together.

To find out watch Geo TV .The serial Rishton ki dur is starting from 20th October every Monday to Friday 10:00 pm.

The director of this show is Atif Hussain & writer is Mussavir Khan.


  • Hania          Zeenia Bukhari
  • Zain             Muneeb Butt
  • Kabeer        Yasir Shah
  • Zara              Maham Amir
  • Sofia             Hina Rizvi
  • Sajida            Ghazala Butt
  • Umair           Asad Siddiqui
  • Sikandar         Tipu Shah
  • Sumbul         Hina Umer
  • Suraiya          Noshaba Bukhari
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