Gavin Rossdale’s affair with nanny Mindy Mann?

Gwen Stefani’s ex-husband Gavin Rossdale reportedly had a three-year long affair with nanny Mindy Mann, who shares a striking resemblance to the singer.
According to Us Weekly, Gavin had an affair with the Australian nanny who began dressing up like Gwen, including dyeing her hair platinum blonde and copying Gwen’s looks.
A source said, “If Gwen would eat something or do a workout or get a new handbag, Mindy would do the same thing. Gwen thought it was weird.” Mindy also sent nudes to Gavin, who confessed to the affair earlier this year. Gwen, who had suspicions about the affair but forgave him for the sake of their three children, was allegedly “mortified, livid, and embarrassed” and the confession “completely devastated her”.
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