Freiha Altaf to join “Paray Hut Love” cast!


With Meera appearing in  special role in Asim Raza”s film Paray Hut Love it seems like he list of celebrities is exceeding that would take part in the film as a special appearanceand latest one is Freiha Altaf.

Well celebrated model and PR maven confirmed that she will be playing a ‘fun’ role in the film starring Maya Ali and Sheheryar Munawar.“It’s a very exciting role,” Frieha said. “It’s very special and funny as well! Not like me in real life, that’s why it’s fun to play a different role.”

Though she liked the script but the location was grand too for the film, she further added,

“The script is phenomenal and the locations are fantastic,” she said. “The experience is grand! I’m looking forward to Parey Hut Love.”

The film will also feature roles by Rachel Viccaji, Ahmed Ali Akbar, Hina Dilpazeer and Jimmy Khan, of whom Frieha has shared images of from the sets of the film in Bahawalpur.

Paray Hut love has a lead actress Maya Ali and soon to be released in 2019. Asim Raza has always come up with the best and we hope to experience the best cinematic venture!

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