Food panda and Papa John’s organized an extravagant food tasting event!

“An ambiance filled with glitz and glam of influencers”

Pakistanis are always prone to cherish the best in town when it comes to experience delectable food delights. Whether it be desi or fast foods, we are mesmerized by the succulent food cuisines and definitely can’t hold ourselves for long. Food Panda has marked itself as the auspicious platform for all the food junkies out there who tend to treat themselves with the scrumptious yet immaculate delights.

Talking about delicious food items, Pizza is surely a weakness for all the fast food lovers and when it is offered by the biggest chain of Pizza Internationally and now in Pakistan, who can possibly say NO?

Food Panda along with Papa John’s served the true essence of tantalizing flavors of Pizzas in a recent event took place in Johar town branch of Papa John’s. This pizza hub curates all the savory and contemporary flavors you can ask for! If we say it as a paradise of Pizzas with eclectic flavors all under one roof, it won’t be wrong…

Influencers and bloggers Food Tasting Event:

Lit environ, aromatic ambiance and accentuated with meet and greet of influencers, the event by papa John’s and Food Panda had adorned the evening with the glam vibes and of course, with mouth watering wide range of Pizzas. Attended by the top-notch bloggers of Lahore, the event enthralled all the attendees by the soothing yet cheerful aura. Selfies, food pics and relishing every bit of a moment, the influencers had nailed the evening by their spectacular energies.

Food overall:

Spicy’s Italian, All the meats, pepperoni, Tandoori, Chapli chicken and Chicken bbq ranch, these are the variance of Papa John’s Pizza. Choose any one of them and trust us, you would not be disappointed!

Cheesy hot bites merged with tender meat and saucy flavors intact, their pizza would definitely make you swoon over their immaculate taste.

A must-visit place for all the Pizza lovers, who want to experience the exhilarating vibes and feel like in heaven by just one cheesy bite of tempting Pizza!

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