Food for skin in the season of Monsoon

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The Monsoon season calls for protective foods – that is mainly foods that protect your skin and guts. As you know the condition of your gut and general health immediately shows on your skin. The rain brings with it health irritants, allergies, indigestion and infections.

Go Green:

In this season, you should try to concentrate on eating light foods. This requirement can be fulfilled by increasing your intake of green leafy vegetables which helps build immunity besides being very light on the stomach.

Fruits are the perfect food for this season, as they restore energy. But before consuming fruits and veggies, remember to wash them thoroughly (preferably soaked in salt water for 30mins before use) as they carry the risk of infection. Avoid fresh fruits, which have been pre-cut or peeled and kept in the open. Go for apples, pomegranates and pears. These will give you your beauty dose of vitamins and essential elements!


Whole Grains:

Oats, Brown Rice and Jowar are your best choices for Carbohydrates. The fiber in the grain ensures you feel full on small quantities of any dish. Following this tip, ensure you drink an adequate amount of water for proper digestion of the fiber. Cleansing your gut daily keeps you light, fit and glowing.



Soups, vegetable and chicken broths are very good choices for supper. Adding a dash of garlic to these dishes can help build up your immunity for the season.


Say No to spice and oil:

Excessive bingeing on fried foods (like samosas) during the monsoon can make your skin susceptible to irritation and there is always chance of bloating, which tells on your face as well.


Cut down on dairy:

While this food group can add to your protein intake, excessive intake of dairy products can cause indigestion. During the rains stick to warm diluted milk (well boiled) or 2 cups of probiotic yogurt through the day.

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