Followed by Eman Suleman, these ace nominated celebrities at LSA 2019 have stepped back because of this REASON!!

As we all are fully aware of the fact that many celebrities have supported Eman Suleman,an ace model of Pakistani Industry who has attained her place at the top owing to her exquisite looks and talent. She has denied to share nominations with alleged harasser and kept her view in front to let everyone know that #metoo movement should not be forgotten and justice should prevail. Got trolled over internet for her act but also appreciated by people who wants the harassed free zone in fashion Industry.

Many celebrities who backed off from LSA 2019 nominations have other reasons to boycott the awards too but mostly stepped up to support the #metoo movement! Here is the list of our most favorite celebrities that prioritize social justice more than glamour!

Saima Bargfrede and Generation:

Soon after Eman Suleman stepped up to show support for meeshai Shafi, Saima Bargfrede and Geberation the clothing brand had also showed raised eyebrows to LSA 2019 to nominate an alleged harasser!

Misha Shaafi:

Much overwhelmed by the female celebrities supporting her on that issue, Misha Shafi came at the fron to thank the talented celebrities to show their support for her and stated that:

“In a perfect world, I would love to see women retain their space in the industry while being safe, so that the cost of speaking up is minimized, or even done away with altogether.A cost which is all too high at present. Our boycotts should not overshadow our achievements. With brave women like these, I feel optimistic about getting there one day.”

Her song which has grasped a lot of attention due to its distinctive craft and composition at the battle of bands has also been nominated at LSA 2019 but Meesha Shafi has also drew her nomination out to support the cause!

“Mein’ is a song about finding our true self and being aligned with a higher purpose. Becoming our own hero and being enough. I wrote it at a particularly difficult time in my life. When I needed to be all those things” stated Meesha.Meesha Shafi demanded: “‘Mein’ stands nominated for the best song at the Lux Style Awards 2019. The irony is not lost on me given the current circumstances and I would kindly request that my name and work be removed from the list of nominees.”“I have been subjected, on more than one occasion, to sexual harassment of physical nature at the hands of a colleague from my industry: Ali Zafar,” she wrote on Twitter.

“These incidences didn’t happen when I was young, or just entering the industry. This happened to me despite the fact that I am an empowered, accomplished woman who is known for speaking her mind. This happened to me as a mother of two children” stated the female singer.“Ali is someone who I have known for many years and someone who I have shared stage with. I feel betrayed by his behavior and his attitude and I know that I am not alone.


Acclaimed director of Pakistani Music Industry Jami has stepped ahead supporting the cause like the former ones but he made another move that would surely leave you stunned. Not on did he boycotted the LSA 2019 awards but also dump down all the three awards he had received from LSA in past years! Have a look what the director has to say about this

“Putting out our Lux Award is an extreme reaction to an extreme action. LSA should’ve been more careful and sensitive towards women and their massive harassment issues. This time I feel LSA completely missed the point by not taking our women’s point and stories seriously.” “Azadfilm Company and I will put all our Lux Style Awards outside my gate – it is trash for us now! We stand by our women, believe them and their stories.”

The Sketches:

What? Backed off from four nominations at LSA 2019? Now this is something thought provoking and it totally convincing us to conclude that these celebrities are on right stance. As it is definitely not easy to put away all the glitz and credits associated with award and to choose a cause that builds up a society!

Best Song, singer of the year, best soundtrack and best playback singer!! PHoooeew, that’s quite a thing!

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