Five people shot at Chris Brown concert in San Jose

Five concertgoers were injured during a shooting at a Chris Brown concert on Saturday night. The R&B singer was performing at San Jose’s Fiesta nightclub when shots rang out in the crowd.

At approximately 1:20 a.m., Brown was singing his hit “Loyal” when he noticed an altercation in the back of the audience. “Oh, them niggas getting it in over there,” you can hear him say in video of the incident obtained by TMZ. His amusement quickly became fear as guns were fired and his entourage pulled him from the stage.

In a separate piece of footage, you can see the entire crowd suddenly pull back to the left as the fight unfolds off camera. Following the shots, audience members scrambled for the exits and you can hear someone saying, “There’s a gun going! Somebody’s shooting!” After a few seconds of panic, you then hear another round of shots.

Brown wasn’t injured in the shooting, but five victims were rushed to a nearby hospital. According to the San Jose Mercury News, all five are expected to survive. Police detained several individuals, though it’s currently unconfirmed if any were arrested.

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