First Look at Erum Khan’s Progeny of Venus to be showcased at BCWGOLD

The queen of Bridal Erum Khan is putting out another glamorous Bridal collection, this time poetically titled after Roman Goddess Venus, ‘Progeny of Venus’.

Staying true to the brand’s ethos of designing with traditional allure and timeless elegance, the Erum Khan summer couture collection infuses pure chiffons with silks in rich jewel tones embellished with traditional embroidery techniques across classic silhouettes to create alook that channels the Erum Khan timeless bride.

If Venus is the Goddess of love, beauty and desire, imagine what her progeny would be. The collection, making its first appearance in Telenor Bridal Couture Week 2016, is bound to be ethereal. The collection highlights on intricately embellished Lehengas along with shirts with shorter hemlines and Erum Khan’s signature floor length gowns.

Working with tradition, while keeping the empowered modern woman in mind, ‘Progeny of Venus’ is a birth of subtlety and poise. Each and every single ensemble reveals allure and dreamlike fondness for art with the flawless combination of pastel color palette and 3D work.

The much-anticipated collection will be revealed this Bridal Couture Week Gold. The blend of pastels, grey and the red and intricacy in design combining contemporary formal elements is a definite stand out. The intricate cutwork and beautiful long motifs are the highlights of the collection. Going for the most celebrated flary bride look.

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