Finest for this season “Shehnai”! Faiza Saqlain made everyone go awed for her tapestry! True flavors of bridal fiesta!

Taking the fashion industry to the higher level with every passing year BCW has produced biggest name in fashion industry by providing the widespread platform for designers to come up with the best. This year Pantene as a sponsor opened the great event with hair show that followed by the array of well celebrated designers that rocked the event with their exquisite collection. Many big names showcased their unique style statements and we can’t help but to praise their exhilarating efforts they put in their craft! One of the big names also include faiza saqlain as she played with vibrant contrasts and pastel colours refined with intricate detailed embroidery and bright colours. Faiza saqlain has predominantly defined the subcontinent’s culture in the most realistic way!

 Faiza Saqlain’s Shehnai depicts the cultural heritage of Asian traditions which highly incorporates enthusiasm, modern silhouettes and luxurious ensemble to pull off this winter season. The feeling of elegance and extravagance is enhanced by the use of lustrous silk and shimmery tissue fabrics which are heavily covered with pearls, sequins and stones. These delicately crafted numbers are filled with artfully arranged metallic threads that portrays fine detailed work to the outfits making them extraordinary that illuminates splendor and heritage.

Resonating with the enriched craft and flawless art work of subcontinent, her bridal designs featured luxe traditional silhouettes adorned with dainty details and handcrafted intricacies. The colours used in the variety predominantly followed a regale palette – red, pink, peach and gold – giving life to the theme of the collection. The assortment inculcates some outfits that can be used in events which are less highlighted in design. Gotta work at the dupatta with specific Mughal andrakha style has set the bar high by making it enough chic to carry it at your close friend’s wedding with exclusive edge to your outfit!

The actress Ayeza Khan concluded the show by her enchanting transposing us to the wedding dimensions and her flaunting of bright red ensemble with style brings forth the glamour and grandeur to the collection by her presence.  

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