Filmmaker Sarmad khoosat is coming up with a Punjabi Movie this time!

Talking not much about the title of the punjabi movie and keeping it hidden for a reason he has told us something about his another movie Bismillah which comes uner his production banner!

“It’s just a very heartfelt story,” Sarmad said,  “It’s a story very close to my heart, about our little universe called Pakistan.”

We tend to perceive it as artsy movie because we don’t expect anything coming from Sarmad Khoosat being anything less that artistic as it is shot in Lahore,“as a character”. Although Sarmad has acted and directed in the critically acclaimed and brave Manto, this untitled film will be the first production under Khoosat Films. It will feature Arif Hasan, Samiya Mumtaz, Eman Suleiman and Ali Kureishi in the lead and is being shot in Punjabi.

“It’s only in Punjabi because Punjabi would be authentic for a film shot in Lahore,” Sarmad says. “People think of Punjab as humourous and colourful but I’m a native of Lahore and I see it as something accessible and real. I understand it. I wouldn’t do a Pushto film for the same reason.”

He has gathered the people he worked before in his last ventures. He’s brought Khizer Idrees onboard as DOP. Khizer was DOP on Manto, and later also worked on Verna and has also worked on upcoming play Aangan. Sarmad has written the story while Nirmal Bano, an NCA graduate, has developed the screenplay. The film is being produced by his sister Kanwal Khoosat, who also worked with Sarmad on the fantastic 24-hour live performance No Time To Sleep. You can’t have a film without music and thinking out of the box, Sarmad has brought on board a band from Islamabad called Sakin, who are just one track old but extremely promising.