Fia (Sofia Khan) – Sophisticated Mademoiselle

By Marian Sharaf Joseph

More than half the population of her fans do not know that the bold and alluring model Fia was a bar tender and waitress in Germany for four years. Revealing the truth about her whacky profession abroad exhibits Fia’s honest personality and shows Fia has no complexities to hide. Of course, there is nothing wrong in that but many expect models to have some fairy – tale life. This was indeed a fairy-tale in its own way. Undoubtedly, there is no ‘Pretty Woman’ thing about Fia. Born to a leading textile businessman, Fia has an intellectually sound personality. This could also be why she is not known to have thrown tantrums at shoots or behind the ramp (or as far as the media knows). Perhaps, it is her lifestyle abroad that makes Fia tough to defeat and has given her extraordinary confidence with a sense of western flavour in her personality.

It is not anything to wonder how Fia carries bridal wear so well. She has stated it with pride, “I think every Pakistani Model looks nice in a bridal dress. We are desi! We know our culture and traditions! We are the only ones who can carry these dresses with grace.”  Absolutely yes!

On the contrary, the fact cannot be denied that not many models can carry western wear gracefully as it requires a whole different mood all together. Fia is one of the luckiest few to posses this trait – credit goes to her height and sleek look. She looks elegant in eastern couture; be it semi formal shalwar qameez or embroidered laden bridal wear in gold or silver. Dressed in dark formal trousers, white shirt and dark jacket, Fia would not look like ‘some glamour doll’ – rather she carries the attire so well that Fia’s personality wears the character completely.

In a few years time, Fia has made her mark in the fashion industry. To top it, she anchors her show ‘Switch On with Fia’ for a leading channel. Fia’s spontaneity and innate creativity makes her an expert at anchoring. It seems that every word said comes straight from rational thinking and keen observation. Fia is known to put her hundred percent in whatever she does – and she does anything once she puts her mind to it. She believes that it is not just one feature of physical beauty that makes a good model. It is one’s personality and aura of presence accentuated with looks and style that makes a perfect model. Probably, this is what makes her stand out on ramp or at any social gathering.

Over the years, Fia has worked for the crème de la crème of the industry. She knows she has a long way to go – only because her ambitions know no bounds. A diva at work, Fia is a homey person when it comes to family. She would cook and share her meal with her maid. In fact, as she stated, she never disturbs her maid for ‘a glass of water.’ Rather she would get up and take it herself. “This is what makes me active,” she believes adding, “It is simple act of kindness like these that add grace to ones beauty.”


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