Fawad Khan’s Khoobsurat goes out with a bang!

Heartthrob of Pakistan, Fawad Khan’s film “Khoobsurat” went houseful on the premiere, 19th of September. The film was received globally by audience especially of Pakistan, India, Middle East with a full house, and standing ovation in Pakistan. The film’s audience has been in utter appreciation, more so due to Fawad Khan and his unmatched talent to make every scene count in the film, no matter how much his personality cannot understand or take the over energetic Sonam Kapoor.

Fawad Khan is brilliant; he is the best part of this film. He gets into the skin of the character making us wonder who in Bollywood could have pulled off the role of a snobbish prince with such a class. He definitely makes a mark in his debut Bollywood film.

The Pakistani audience has been overwhelmed with the significant performance by Fawad Khan, with a loud cheers and bouts of appreciation for his successful debut in Bollywood industry,

Enjoying each scene the audience notices the unmistakable chemistry between the two. Knowing Fawad and his ability to connect to any on screen romance with full force he makes the entire Disney romance more of a reality than a fairy tale.

Indian news reports also responded by writing, “Sonam Kapoor is charming as a vivacious physician. Her act for an always excited-for-fun girl is effortless while her chemistry is attention-grabbing with Fawad Khan who shows patience, discipline in equal measures.”

Similarly the movie got accolades across the globe at its premier shows worldwide. In a Gulf News review the film critics praised the performance of Fawad Khan with “The best parts of the film feature Fawad Khan. He’s a man of few words (thank God) and his acting is as sharp as his tailored suits. There’s no over-the-top melodrama and we buy into his royal, ruthless act. In his presence, Kapoor blooms as an actress too.”