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By Sherish Riaz

Fashion is the name of charisma and attitude that allures others. We got to answer ourselves “does fashion keeps changing? Or it is just goes and comes back around?” We’ve seen that the old fashion is repeating itself i.e chooridaar pyjamas or tights, skinny jeans or leggings as we call them and body hugging tops are back in fashion now. This was once have been the fashion style in 80’s and somehow fashion repeats itself. It comes and goes. It is never aged. So are we moving towards the new fashion age or is it just the repetition of old fashion with some variation? Our generation is highly sensed about the Latest Trendy Clothes. It is maybe because of the “availability” for each of the different linen and cloth. Everything and anything is accessible in the markets and is in reach of everyone. From accessories to shoes or bags, yout hink about it and the other time you have it. Especially young generations is much more sensitive about their appearance. This is somehow the result of easy access of latest clothing which can be seen on TV Fashion Shows or the fashion wesites. Yes, the fashion sites helps and approves a person’s sense of clothing and that how one should carry himself.

If a person wants to look charming and attractive he should be dressed in a way which suits him. For instance,if a 48years old man is wearing skinny jeans with longs shoes down and T-shirt up. It would obviously look “weird and awkward” as far i think because that’s soemthing which doesn’t suit him. So he should know how to carry himself,not by following the Latest Fashion Treand but following the sense of dressing.

To be modish people need to maintain their whole attire and for that they should be updated with the latest fashion. This generation believes in first to flourish the latest trends and they are always seen with experimenting with different colours and patterns. As the new launch hits the sites at online shopping it is being wore on them. That’s where online shopping portrait its part.In countries like Pakistan people were not comfortable with the idea of online shopping, physical touch & trial being the main oblige.Now more and more youngsters prefer online shopping over the usual ones for the very fact its latest, fast and more choices are available. More and more International brands are having their systems of online shopping and intorducing themselves which let these brands have their customers even without having their outlet chains,having customers all over the world. Latest trendy fashion has to be rovolutionary and innovative because now people want their individual attention dressed in their own way which of course suits them. That’s why people are moving towards designer waears more than shpooing malls. Being identical among the most is to have yourself known among the unknowns. Being trendy doesn’t mean you are dressed up by whatever is in the market now a days but it rather should depicts your own self more than the what others are wearing. A fashion on person should be eligible and fit own his self.

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