Fashion Trends: Go neon this summer 2013!

Fia wears Warda Saleem at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2013
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Ayyan Wears Deepak Parwani outfit at Fashion Pakistan Week 2013

Dressing up in hot and humid summer can get really tough, why? Because we are always concerned looking our best without overdoing anything. Summer is that time of the year in which one might think a lot before dressing up there is a good deal of things you need to keep in mind before heading out.

Something’s just need to be perfect for example the material of your dress the color and the accessories that you match with your outfit need to be perfect to, your shoes, nail paint and hand bags everything counts dressing up is never about just your clothes. Remember the sun is bright so the other person might observe everything. It’s always best to check out latest trends in fashion in order to achieve that perfect look, so go through latest fashion shows and find out what the latest designers collection was all about just to give you an idea of what ‘you’ should be looking like also remember to add your hint of style and never forget your personality and comfort level.

One of the most important element is color, you cannot just wear dull and boring colors at this time! Leave all that for the winter, for now spice things up a little by easily adding a little neon to your wardrobe.

Amna Ilyas Wears Shehla Chatoor at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2013
Fia wears Warda Saleem at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2013

Neon are bright colors of every shade, yellow, turquoise, green, blue, pink are some of the famous colors from the neon family. If you are not comfortable with such bright colors, it’s okay no need to go crazy anyway, you can add a little neon to your outfit, if not hold on we got more options add a bit neon to your accessories like a bright necklace or a ring or little yellow studs in your ears it will brighten up the whole you!

Ladies nothing looks more edgy and cute then a perfect handbag and neon colored handbags/clutches are such a big hit in the market. Grab yourself one.

It’s not only fun but it will make you stand out, one can simply do a neon nail art and make others think “why didn’t I think of that” it feels fresh to look at bright colors in such devastating heat and humidity.


A neon shoe fetish maybe? Who doesn’t like shoes? and neon shoes? That’s exactly what you need this summer. Cute ballet flats in yellow, pink, blue, green and many other colors are easily available in many shoe stores. Not only ballets but strappy sandals and heels like wedges, platforms, and pumps look as adorable as ballet flats. If you don’t feel like spending on shoes we all know we have our DIYs! So go happy feet!

Now a days even spectacles have neon in them and our new generation seems to love it a lot girls and guys would wear them everywhere other than just their study room. This way guys can also enjoy the feel of bright colors.

Neon color palette is very friendly, it is provided in a variety of shades everyone can pick out their favorites and be creative, so say goodbye to the boring colors and welcome neon to your world of fashion, many famous designers used bright color palette in their collection this year and yellow has been the showstopper.

We always adapt a new trend without any complications, welcome new trends with open heart and Dress like you want the world to dress like you! have fun with it don’t be afraid from a little change because you can’t go wrong with a bit of neon.

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