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Hair Styles

So we all know what’s IN and what’s OUT this summer when it comes to dressing up, but your look is not complete until or unless you have a proper hairdo or a proper haircut. So it’s time we talk ‘hair’

Summer is a fun season for hair you can do so much with your hair, many believe to go short in summers but it’s completely up to you because this summer big hair are IN. do what you’re comfortable with and then follow fashion and the latest trend for a complete look.



Hair Styles

Bun ‘n’ Roll:

Putting your hair up in a bun is the most followed trend of all time, there are so many ways to style your hair in a bun for every look, you can just throw your hair up in a messy bun while going out to run some errands or meeting up with friends for a casual hangout, messy buns have been a huge success because they are easy to do and they look super stylish even after the word ‘messy’ messy is the new trend! You can also wear a Chic bun for a dinner or lunch by making a side bun with a sleek up front look if you have a big forehead if you don’t you can always use a bit of backcombing to create that high five look perfect for a formal evening tea or dinner party. Not forgetting about the braided top knot, this bun is one of its kind which is perfect for young girls this particular bun is made right on top of your head after your hair have been styled in a braid all of that is later on rolled all together on top of your head with either messy or sleek surface. Bun will do your hair justice and you don’t have to go short this is a perfect alternative for short hair.

Hair Styles

Classic braids:

Braids always look in style no matter how traditional or desi it may sound. Girls with long and big hair can easily pull this look off without any hurdles. Braid does not always mean a single long twisted pony tail you can style your hair in a braid by giving it different looks for example a ‘braided top knot bun’ is mentioned above just like that you can take little chunks of your hair from the front and braid them while pulling them back ways for that ‘princess’ look you can create a volumized fish braid that covers all of your head, again you can do this the good way or the messy way by just using your fingers to comb through and to do all the work instead of a hair brush or comb.

Hair Styles

Long pony:

Styling your hair in just a pony tail may sound boring and you might not even give it a go, but long pony is the new ‘yay’ in the summer of 2013, it’s something you always do when you are inside the house so you don’t bother taking it out in public, be first to wear this style out in public while hanging out with friends you can use a little help of backcombing on your crown area if you are too scared of looking ‘sleek’ you can style your pony very high or leave it hanging low for that relaxed look.

Hair Styles

Go wavy:

The hottest summer trend is none other than good bouncy waves the best part is you don’t have to care whether your hair are long or short and you also don’t have to worry about messing them up. Waves give you that laid back look plus it looks edgy and stylish, one immediately thinks ‘Beach’ when sees wavy hair. They suit on all face shapes and is perfect for almost every age group. You can wear waves anywhere you want it looks natural and is quiet easy to pull off, waves make your hair look full and big so if you have thin hair this is the best solution to your hair problem of both styling and worrying.

Hair Styles

Wrap it up:

Good hair accessories won’t do you wrong just remember less bling is better. You can use clips and headbands to complete your look (if it’s needed). Bandanas can be used for a vintage look, or a hat to give you your style statement. Think messy, style in fashion and look creative.


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