Fashion Pakistan Week 5 (FPW5): Aamna Aqeel

Aamna Aqeel

Fashion Pakistan Week 5 (FPW5): Aamna Aqeel’s line for Fashion Pakistan Week 5 predominantly featured white & black – celebrating the natural duality of life. Sarwat Gilani walked the ramp for Aamna Aqeel. The collection was titled “Finding Glory” and was presented at Fashion Pakistan Week 5 through its underlying concept that this label is for women who dare to be bold and unique, women who want a relaxed yet trendy look and wish to demonstrate an eternal femininity which echoes their personal style. With no single base fabric, the collection utilized chiffon, silk, jersey and suede with sleek cuts, and embellishments that include studs, spikes, zips, chains, sequins and diamantes. The colour palette for Amna Aqeel’s collection encompassed black, white, nudes and gold reflecting the basic philosophy that Amna follows, which is that life is all about change; the only constant, and these changes transpire due to good or bad provocations, represented by white & black. White stands for light, good, happiness and hope while black commonly depicts darkness, evil and sadness; they complement each other yet can’t exist in absence of each other. Moreover, glories are a rare commodity in life and are thus ably depicted through gold studs and assorted sequins.

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