Fashion brand Mina Hasan to launch Embroidered Collection

Fashion brand Mina Hasan is set to launch their new embroidered collection. The collection will be available on 15th September, and will be retailed at leading fabric stores in Lahore and Karachi.

The Mina Hasan Embroidered Collection captures a festive theme this fall with their floral motifs juxtaposed with geometric elements and soft blush colours. Inspired by French landscape with plays on light and dark tones, the color palette is an assortment of elegantly soft pastels and warm fall hues, mimicking autumn shades. The silhouettes are delicate with structured cuts with laces and embellishments that are used to accentuate the fabrics and add movement to the outfits. The collection makes use of chiffons and silks and is a celebration of femininity with sheer fabrics and ornamentation – both modern and classic.

The Mina Hasan brand prides itself on a design philosophy that encourages women to develop their own sense of style whilst inculcating a general sense of poise and elegance. Today the brand has a wider-reaching goal of becoming a lifestyle brand which is based on the very same design philosophy and includes clothes, interiors, décor, furniture et al. Mina Hasan, owner and fashion designer maintains, design is a way of living and reflects in every part of the way we are and the way we live. Mina Hasan’s Haute Couture and Prêt-à-Porter collections, including sub line ‘Alisha for Mina Hasan’ are available at their flagship stores in Lahore and Karachi. The brand’s collections are also available at their global retail partners.

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