Farhan Saeed’s exclusive Interview to Ebuzztoday: All the details you surely don’t want to miss!

Pertaining to the social integrity our Pakistani celebrities possess; we have that never-ending urge of knowing more about our admirable celebrities and for that we stalk them on their social media accounts and look forward for their exclusive talk. Well, you got it all right here! Talented actor and singer Farhan Saeed talks exclusively to Ebuzztoday about his personal and professional life, spilling the beans about some of the secrets you don’t know about him and Suno Chanda. We are swooning over the exciting answers we got from this commendable singer turned actor. 

1. You have attained the stature of one of the best actors in Industry. Tell your fans about your exciting journey from singing to acting.

I’m just very thankful to the fans who have given me so much love for both my acting and singing. I was 18 when I started with Jal. And then during the solo career I tried my hand at acting. Breaking that barrier into becoming an actor from a singer is not easy – my goal has always been to play the role as naturally as possible and thank God it worked! Plus I’ve been very lucky with my scripts, both Udaari and Suno Chanda. And that gives you so much confidence both on and off screen. I never imagined it, I never even imagined being a singer. It chose me, and I went with the flow. There was no concrete plan. The fans have been a tremendous support all along. 

2. You always opted for the good script and content. Which drama is your favorite and why?

I’ve been very lucky in that aspect. I have a handful of acting projects so far out of which Udaari and Suno Chanda were great. Suno Chanda was a team effort. I really liked the script for Silah as well. When I read scripts, I try to understand the written expression and the subject matter should not be clichéd. That’s two things I keep in mind and thankfully it’s been working for me so far. 

3. We loved the OST of Suno Chanda as it was so melodious. Share your experience about it and adorable video.

It’s very popular, yes, both the seasons OSTs. The director Ahsan bhai works very hard with the composer for those and I’m grateful that I get to sing those. And because it’s in the voice of the main character Arsal, it settles really well with the fans. I think the director writes the entire story in one song in a great manner and the composer Naveed has always done justice to that. Again, great team effort. 

4. We know that you are perfect singer and actor. But in your opinion, what’s closer to you?

Being a singer is life. And being an actor is great fun too! When I get on stage after time on the set, it’s a great breather and it works both ways. As a singer or an actor, I try not to get to saturated with work. If I don’t have an acting project coming, I simply get back on stage and then I also sing the OSTs so I really believe the two complement each other great and I could never choose one out of the two. 

5. Suno Chanda is the talk of the town owing to its characters and script. What fascinates you about this hit drama and the response from fans?

When we started we didn’t see this sort of popularity coming. It was well timed, the story developed tremendously. In season 2 people want to see where the story goes. They’re two young people who are learning to coexist in season 2. Whether they can or can’t. You’ll find out soon. Suno Chanda is the phenomenon because of the fans. Season 2 would not have been a reality without them, and we couldn’t say no two that demand. I think the response from the fans itself, is the best thing about the show. 

6. Can you exclusively share some details to Ebuzztoday about Suno Chanda? A hint to what’s going to happen next may be?

Well I can’t disclose the whole thing. The appeal element is in the family drama and the collective efforts of these characters to coexist. Especially in ramzan when people want to kick back and relax, this kind of storytelling is a great breather. That’s all I can give away! 

7. Who is your favorite character in the drama and why?

I love doing scenes with Shahana my mother, and Jiya of course, and basically as long as you’re enjoying yourselves and having a good time I think the chemistry really clicks. These two I have the most on-screen time with, and that’s why its most fun with them. 

8. Do you enjoy the squabbling between Arsal and Ajiya? Or when they are in good talking terms with one another?

We enjoy doing both. I think the love-hate relationship is what people enjoy the most. But when they’re not fighting and just have the lighter, warmer side of their relationship, I think that’s more admired by the fans. 

9. It seems Arsal is quite similar to your personality in real life. It is true?

Not at all. Arsal is nothing like me. Arsal is dominant even though he’s nice at heart but there are some things he is learning, such as coexisting with Jiya. I’m not like that. I have a lot of clarity over matters where Arsal is still lost. I think two things we have in common is our sense of humour and that we actually never want to hurt anyone deliberately. 

10. Let’s now talk about your personal life. What’s your favorite place for vacations?

I like New York. Usually vacations are preferred in slow, quiet spots, that’s what Urwa wants too. But not me, I want the hustle and bustle and happening places. I like London too. And Switzerland is one place I definitely want to go to. 

12. What’s one thing that annoys you the most and one thing you admire when you meet someone? 

I can’t stand hypocrisy. And on the other hand, if someone is honest that’s admirable. 

13. How your life changed after marriage and how much Urwa is supportive in every aspect?

It’s been a lot more disciplined, focused and goal oriented. I can’t thank God enough that I’ve found the perfect partner in Urwa, and I look forward to the future of this relationship wholeheartedly. 

14. Tell your fans about any next projects you are coming up with regarding dramas and music.

Well I’m coming to the TV screens for a project that I can’t really disclose yet, I’m starting to work on it after eid. And everyone knows Tich Button is coming out later this year and well I have a lot on my plate that I can’t wait to serve.

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