Farhan Saeed (Tu Thori Dair) Music Video Is a Must-Watch Visual Depiction of Patriotism

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Farhan SaeedTu Thori Dair” is one of the year’s most compelling music videos directed by talent DOP turned director Qasim Ali Mureed.

Singer Farhan Saeed who won the award in the Best Music Single category for ‘Roiyaan’ came up with brilliant music video of “Tu Thori Dair”. You will see Farhan Saeed can evidently be seen pushing himself beyond limits to be great soldier in the music video who scarifices his personal life for his country.

A song lyrics isn’t patriotic but it is the music video that makes it patriotic one.

The video starts with a Soldier (Farhan) who is posted at Zarb-e-Azab, recalling the memories of his soon to be wife (Urwa). In the next scene they got married but on the very first night he had to leave his wife to fight for his country. On the battle field while saving lives of his fellow soldiers he got hit by a bullet, the rest we left on our viewers to watch the video!

Apart from the brilliant assortment of slow music, what also fits to the mood of the song is flawless acting of Urwa, her expressions fits well in the music video. It will not be an exaggeration to say that the lady shows how effortlessly she has actually absorb the character of soldier’s wife. The video will make you applaud this actress for justifying her character.

Comparing it with other music videos would not be justified, the video of ‘Tu Thori Dair’ is well-directed and fits well when we are looking for a song that is both romantic and patriotic at the same time.

The song is doing well on the music charts if you haven’t seen the video, watch it now!

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We get some of the exclusive BTS pictures from making of video for you guys, scroll down for images.