Fan of Tyrion Lannister from GOT?? Well, you can watch in Pakistani Advertisement! See the video..

Pakistanis are always obsessed with GOT and their flamboyant characters making our imaginative world touch the boundaries’ and manipulate our minds to the extent that we literally take it as reality, don’t we?A favorite character Tyrion Lannister has his mysterious resemblance with the guy who is a waiter in Pakistan but people are going crazy over this guy. Rozi Khan is reaching to the fame due to its recent appearance in food service advertisement and the concept of the ad was simply mind blowing and so relevant and we were in aghast. In the recent interview the famed “Rozi Khan” talked to the media and confronted the fact that he wanted to be an actor and work in movies and meet his lookalike Peter Dinklage one day! We wish his wish would come true in future!

“My wish is to work in movies. And my other wish is that I should meet Peter Dinklage, Reuters reported. The two not only have an uncanny resemblance, but both of them are 4 feet 5 inches.

He further elaborated about the fact that how he realized that he resembles one of the top notch actor of Hollywood, Many people around him tends to say that you resemble an actor from GOT, so he started watching the show and became his fan.

It’s not the first time the Rural area guy ruled the internet and media overall due to the looks. Arsha Khan “the blue eyed Boy” from Peshawar had been making headlines curating to his stunning beauty and now he has gotten fame that he turned into a model of ace brands. Let’s see what will become of this Lookalike of Hollywood actor after this ad and how he is going to pave his path to fame and celebrity life!

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