Famous Celebrities with the their cutest pets? Who got the best picture?


There’s only one thing in the world that can completely turn around a terrible day: scrolling through pictures of celebrities with their cute dogs on Instagram and other social media sources. Despite of their busy schedule they keep their pets content with their utmost attention all the time. These celebs have enough time to play and cuddle with their pets on the sets, locations and at home. Have you ever been obsessed to your pets? If not, you can look at these cutest pictures of celebrities with their dog pets. All have different breeds but they believe that they treat them as their most favorite and loyal creature on this earth.

Tapu Javeri


An art photography Maestro and a jewelry designer ‘Tapu Javeri’ is sharing selfie moments with this hound. We can see Tapu loves to take selfie moments with his hottest rescue partner and posting it on its Insta account. Isn’t it cute?

Arij Fatima


This adorable US based Pakistani Actress Arij Fatima sharing the most cheesy moments with this fluffy. We believe that good looking people with the cute pets is never a bad sight at all. I’ve found this sweet little creature cutest so far.

Anoushey Ashraf


Anoushay has a special love for her pets and she never feel shy showing it off. “puppies makes me happy, I mean really happy, says Anoushay in one of her interview. She has a soft corner for pets in her heart and we simply can’t get enough of both these cuties at the same time.

Fawad Khan


Aren’t dogs like a stubble for a man? Once you give a dog to the man and the game is over! The walk of a man turns into a more stylish walk on pavements when he brings his dog with him. Fawad khan has such kind of experience with his pet.

Syra Shehroz


The country’s rising star Saira shehroz has a pack of pets and all of them are closed to her heart. She seems cheerful all the time pouting and cuddling with her cats and the puppies in her spare time. Best way to spend some good time is with these pets.

Maya Ali


There’s no time like the present to gawk at celebrities and their ridiculously cute pooches. Maya Ali has shared friendly pet moments with her fluffy dog buddy.





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