Fahad Mustafa in hot waters for affirming a controversial statement against TIK TOK!!

One of the gigantic names of Pakistani media, Fahad Mustafa recently took to his twitter and advised parents to keep an eye on children and keep them away from Tik Tok as it is unproductive. He stated “To all the parents out there please keep your kids away from this TikTok bullsh*t; it’s not healthy. Entire nation is busy doing nothing. #DoSomethingProductive,” he tweeted.

To which, many tik tok fans and users called out the actor for stating that and bashed hime badly on twitter.

“Says Fahad Mustafa who teaches nano structural mechanics and engineering live,” read a tweet in response to his post while another tweet noted, “To all the kids out there please keep your parents away from this Jeeto Pakistan bullsh*it it’s not healthy, it’s revolting! Middle age men and women begging for bikes, gold and [U]mra tickets, etc.”

It’s not the first time the host and actor had been trolled owing to his content on Jeeto Pakistan.

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