Facts about “Parey Hut Love” that you would compel you to crave for it !

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Asim Raza has always done justification to every project he starts off and here we have all the buzzing about his new venture over the social media. We all are anxiously waiting for its release in 2019 with Maya Ali and Sheheryar Munawar as its lead cast. Already proved herself to be talented actress in Teefa in Trouble which has gained the reputation of highest grossing movie. MayaAli has no plans to slowdown the pace towards the success and we all are admiring her utmost hard work towards her acting skills. Whereas Sheheryar Munawar has also produced the movie, how interesting is that? Its been a quite a few months, we get newsfeed about the shoot and the locations that are chosen for the exotic scenes with Bts moments to keep us updated about the latest happenings and keeping our hopes high.

The story revolves around a free-will person who met a girl who is full of life and strong-willed that has aspirations. The on screen chemistry of the couple can be seen as they tend to share good friendship as well. Some of the scenes has also been shot in Bahalwalpur to show the traditional wedding where there is also cameo of Meera with whole cast of Parey Hut Love. If we say that this movie is also hyped up beacause of special appearance that it would not be wrong as not only Meera is having special appearance in the movie but Mahira khan and handsome hunk Fawad khan are also casting the charm of their presence in movie!

The distinctive poster:

We can easily guess from the first look pof the poster that something extraordinary is coming up and its keeping the suspense intact giving us chills! The stupendous outlook of the picture says a lot but still we are unable to have definite idea about the story. But we like to be in that suspense right?


OMG! The locations that they picked to shoot the movie are already taking our breath away as we are prone to see the lead cast exploring the most beautiful country Turkey. We are keeping our hopes high for the movie as well as it urges us to guess the quality of craftwork that has been executed for the production of movie!

Cameos and changes:

The movie is also raising the bar high because of amazing cameos that would be attention gainer for sure. Meera, Fawad and Mahira would be having special appearances that would definitely leave their influential aura. Another interesting fact about the movie is the Maya Ali replacing Mahira Khan in the lead role!

Wrap up party:

Few days back the shoot of the movie has ended with the happy vibes as they threw a wrap up party for all the cast and crew to celebrate the success of its completion. Many celebrities attended the event and the cast welcomed everyone whole heartedly while waving from the balcony at the colonial house.

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