An Eye Opener Reenactment by Sarmad Khoosat: “No time to sleep” caught the attention!

In the reminiscence of‘World Day Against the Death Penalty’, Pakistan’s very own acting prodigy Sarmad Khoosat started a 24-hour long performance — depicting the final hours of a death row prisoner on Tuesday night. The performance titled No Time to Sleep was being streamed online with a large audience from across the world, including the British parliament and universities in Ireland tuned in.

Breaking the records the charted performance was streamed live from Pakistan and audience can see it live as it continues to show journey of 24 hour suffering of prisoner z named doctor sahib also in ailment of cancer visited by his family for the last time!

The act illustrates the cruelty of a ticking clock, when time is both long and short for a prisoner.Time is running out but it is running slow. All complex emotions were executed perfectly by legend Sarmad khoosat as he was so in character that he did not eat for 24 hours at all. The prisoner z was served with tea and biscuits while his appeal was rejected.

The manto actor further elaborated to the sources about the preparation of character that he was practicing to be in the prisoner’s skin for six months. “I had to grow a beard and lose weight, but the biggest challenge is to feel the confinement, I’ve been closing myself in a box for hours to get a feel of confinement. It’s all about the faulty judicial system. Life imprisonment is understandable but how do you bring back someone who has been given an unfair verdict? There have been instances where the reversal of a death sentence has been issued but delivered a month or two after the death sentence has already been carried out.”

The performance could be viewed live at Bari Studios in Lahore by a limited audience  20 people in a group can enter at one time and next 20 minutes for another 20 people to come.  The project has been organized by Justice Project Pakistan, in collaboration with Olomopolo Media and Highlight Arts.

The act has been directed by Kanwal Khoosat and produced by Iram Sana while it’s been conceptualized by Ryan van Winkle.

It has been observed that the act was so intense and emotional that girls couldn’t help to but to cry over it. The Staff of police that was watching over the prisoner were changing duties as the replica of what really happens in jails. Everything was so organized and well-crafted and not even in a second in those 24 hours it looked like it was all acting! Hats OFF!