Experience the ultimate venture of Mughal Era by dining out in the most stupendous yet decorative themed restaurant ‘Lal Qila’!!

Running its branches successfully worldwide, Lal Qila is a luxurious dining venture for all the people who wish to have their meal in a royal ambiance. Depicting the true aesthetic essence of sub continent’s Mughal traditions and fabrications around, you would definitely fall in love with the themed based restaurant that justifies it name and tempting aroma of delectable food items being offered. Their purpose of making it all traditional is to bring people close to their supreme food taste as they master in Mughalai, tandoori, live Bar BQ and Pakistani/Indian cuisines to be exact. Well celebrated about their buffet and lunch now they are going to open branches that would cater A La Carte menu as well. That’s interesting isn’t it?


Got its hype from its decorative aspect, Lal Qila has left no stone unturned when it comes to make everyone feel like there are having a divine widespread sheet of exquisite dishes with soothing dim lights around that portrays the true picture of Mughal Forts of that time.to put it that way, we all are to some extent relate ourselves with the history and anxious to know more about glorified past but to dine in such environ surely makes it noteworthy. Huge range of traditional dishes, where the waiters are attired in Mughal clothes wearing turbans of that era is an absolute treat for desi food lovers. Sitting premises is quite comfortable that would give you privacy with your family as well as you can enjoy the whole theme with waiters to serve you the best! And not to forget if you want to arrange events comprising of 200 people you got the place on the roof top!:)

Art work:

Grabbing our attention, the walls and ceilings were highly intricate with mirror work gives you the glimpse of sheesh mahal in Lahore Fort which is splendid. Contrived by the amazing art work that illustrates a lot about the theme, lightened vases, colorful old fashioned windows and bricks articulated building, Lal Qila is more than just a fine old-style yet classy Dine Out!

Food (Hi-Tea):

Ebuzz Team has been nicely invited by the Lal Qila to examine the food and share our views about it. We were highly welcomed by the management of the Restaurant and elaborated by the basic theme and idea about it. Served with their best in Hi Tea, here are few of the cuisines that we came across proved to be best out of extensive range of food delights..


The price is quite reasonable for a good Hi tea, as you can have ample of dishes in just Rs.1200

  • Behari kababs and BBq: known for their bbq and behari kabab, it does taste exceptional from rest of the places as we took its bite. Fully cooked, spicy and tender we would definitely recommend this one!
  • Chinese and Lasagna: you would find an ample range of Chinese, egg fried rice, thai noodles and kindo chicken tastes real good and Lasagna is somewhat good too but it can be improvised.
  • Nan: well, you can find exquisite nan types in Hi Tea as you can enjoy, cheese nan, Nutella nan,roghni nan and much more. Give it a try!
  • Golgappa special: Another eatery which was irresistible for snack lovers is Golgappa and the best part was it is served with pineapple water, khatta metha pani and imli chutni.
  • Chapali kabab and prawns: from pure desi food to western cuisines this undertakes every food keeping its taste intact. Prawns were of high quality juicy and tender. Chapli kabab were fresh, spicy and mesmerizing aroma.
  • Rolls and samosa: They were light, fresh and good in taste but fillings can be much better..


No meal gets complete if doesn’t end with the scrumptious and delightful desserts. And Lal Qila surely knows it better as it has served huge range of desi and western desserts from which you can choose anything you want. From sizzling hot jalebbis to the European dessert cheese cake, every sweet eatery was there.

  • Labe sherein, saat samundar, cream caramel are must try for all the sweet tooth people as it is extremely enriched with taste and proper amount of sugar.
  • Kher and jello were also there if you are looking for something out of the box!

Smoothies and salads of distinctive types are also offered in the Hi Tea.You can find Russian salad, coleslaw, fresh cucumber, greek salad and chicken walnut that are beneficial for everyone.

Recommended and Rating:

For all the desi food lovers who tend to have alluring buffet menu with royal glorious taste of Mughal era this is the righteous place to opt for. We would rate it 9/10 which we perceive is quite good and definitely recommend you to go with your family and friends.


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