Experience the dine-in like never before! A luxurious French restaurant Maribelle!

French food has always been loved by food lovers all across the world. With dine-in experiences tend to change dramatically it is need of the hour to have more diversity of food in a food lover cities like Lahore. People have made it a trend to cherish distinctive cuisines from cafes and restaurants but yet they want to explore the best food out of all! So if you guys are one of them then you surely be looking for an extraordinary place for delicious food. Maribelle is the ultimate place for French and European cuisine lovers.

Maribelle is located in mall 1 in Gulberg, it’s a French based restaurant that offers amazing blend of flavors of modern European cuisines and mix it with the contemporary taste of people. Back in times when we want to experience some place which we admire but couldn’t reach, we used to listen to retro music that take us to imagination but in this place you would not only explore the French food at itrs best but also jazz music, wall paintings of celebrated places of Europe and chilling drinks to go with!


Exemplary interior with breathtaking entrance, mid-century wooden furniture, long mirrors and paintings were absolutely making us feel we are dining-in France with music at the background and French food bites. The owner of the café told Ebuzz team exclusively the interesting fact behind wall paintings and that was quite fascinating…

The places that were painted in portraits were first photographed by the owner of the café himself and then got it painted for the decoration purpose of café! That’s amazing isn’t it!

Sitting premises:

Vital part of dine-in is the sitting area and surroundings which elevates the mood to another level. Every foodie tends to take into account the comfortable sitting. As we stepped in we were amazed by the sitting arrangement they had. The tables were quite at some distance that is necessary for privacy as well as you can see the view outside which is of trees fully covered in fairytale lights. The interior was soothing and cozy as the lighting was quite dim and yellowish and hanging bulbs!

Food that we ordered:

  • Rosemary crusted chicken: a crispy well cooked and tender fried chicken topped with rosemary sauce and sautéed vegetables was mind blowing!

  • Egg pancake for breakfast: it was so delicious and nicely cooked that we couldn’t stop ourselves from having it more and more! so healthy and delectable…

  • Peppercorn chicken: Well as anticipated, it did not impress us that much but yes it has it the peppery edge if you are pepper lover it is best for you to have!

  • Hi tea platter: served with hi tea items in a form of platter was a nice treat as it attains all the essentials for Hi Tea, sandwiches incorporated with vegetables, goat cheese and chicken has made us go Wao!

  • Smoothies: chilling and dense smoothies were served. Our favorite drink Pina colada and blue ice smoothie were divine. Enjoyed every sip of it!

Services and staff:

We were contented by the services and luxurious conduct by the café staff as they were quite vigilant towards their customers need and corporative! so thumbs up for that!


It is definitely recommended for all the foodies and people who want to have something out of the box. This place is exquisite yet delicious in taste! Give it a visit and you would love it!

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