Exclusive Interview with RAJ at YAS (Yasser Anees Sheikh)

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[email protected] (Yasser Anees Sheikh) is a promising fashion designer from Islamabad and winner of Luthiana fashion carnival (2006 & 2007) in India. Yasser and his talented team has designed clothes for both Men and Women.

Ebuzztoday get a chance to talk one on one with the talented designer to talk about his new collection and inspiration behind it.

What is the theme for you latest spring/summer collection designs?

This season is to stimulate and allure the mind to a high. We have used embroidery as an integral accessory to contrast with the texture of chiffon and silk material used, on the background of soft and inviting summer tones. In keeping with 5 he theme to stimulate our client’s mind, we have also launched the vibrant and variant tomes and colors of the pret and party line this season.

What is the structure behind this year’s design?

The aim was providing our clients quality, simply. For the fulfilment of this, we aimed to provide the paramount quality of material and unique design at the minimal price range. An everyday wear that serves that serves the needs of a party as well is what we aimed to achieve this season.

What inspired this collection?

There is always on universal inspiration that determines all our activities and that is our client’s demands. To surpass what the client expects of us is by far the most exhilarating feeling that one can ever feel. Aside from that, I also tend to look for inspirations in the small norms and habitual trends that dominate the culture before the start of a new season.

If you could pick one specific woman to represent your design and be the personified image of your brand, who would you pick?

The common woman – happy, strong, respected, hardworking, ambitious, confident, intelligent it could be anyone who isn’t afraid to just be herself.

What do you feel when you see your designs being worn expansively despite the competition in the market?

I feel satisfied and proud, hungry to do more and cater to the masses who demand class. Despite it being a specific niche, I feel an immense relief that this particular niche includes a vast majority of the generations today.

How do you see the future?

Simply expand our clientele to include other areas of Pakistan and abroad as well. With the aim to strengthen our culture within the country and promote it across the world. Spreading the “made in Pakistan” banner worldwide could be quite an accomplishment. It’ll be a challenge but I’m ready for it because I fell it’s a challenge worth taking for your country’s pride.

So, InshaAllah, even though it’s a long journey, but we are a Brand that’s hungry to get to our destination.