Exclusive: A glimpse of Kangana Ranaut’s directorial debut ‘ The Touch’

Few years back, there were reports that Kangana Ranaut had directed a short film with an Australian crew. In fact, in 2011, she visited Los Angeles to make this project and spent a lot of time filming and also sitting in for the final edit.

During her recent chat with Film Critic and Talk Show host, Anupama Chopra, for the first time, a glimpse of her short film was shown to the audience.

‘The Touch’, a 9-minute short film about a little boy who has a healing touch in his hands is ready and Kangana now plans to send it across to many film festivals.

Anupama told her that not many Hindi film actress’ are interested in writing or directing except for a few like Nandita or Kalki and very few have expressed interest. When asked about her interest in directing she said, “ I had a lot of time, I had all the time. In my case, I was feeling a bit frustrated as a creative person.”

She also said that one can’t sit at home and wait for work to come to them.

Here’s the conversation between Kangana and Anupama Chopra. A glimpse of her short film can be viewed between 1:39 to 2:35.

Interestingly also seated in the crowd was filmmaker Vidhu Vinod Chopra who asked her, “ How do you think making that short film made you a better actress?”

Kangana said, “ Just dealing with the actors and editing the film, because I have been involved in the writing process and I don’t think that is as helpful for an actor as directing.” She also added, “ You become a part of that whole orchestra going on as opposed to you being led, like jaise gaddi-bhedon ko karte hain.”

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