Ethnic never fails to impress us with their new volume of clothing.


Ethnic welcomes spring by introducing vibrant colors to its collection. Bright orange, red and yellow have been the highlight in most of their pieces. They provided separate kurtas and trousers so we can mix and match according to our taste. Almost every piece in their new collection consists of floral patterns and colorful boxed designs to make it eye catching. These colors and patterns are presented to celebrate the sun-drenched, blooming and tender weather of spring.

Ethnic never fails to impress us with their new volume of clothing but this time they have astonished us with their admirable quality of fabric and exquisite new presentation. Faux fur and thread tassels have been introduced to add a 3D effect, which will make the pieces pop. Not only that but they are very economical in a sense that you get more than what you demand for the price. The price ranges between Rs, 2,190 – 5,990.

Large variety of casual and boutique 1-piece, 2-pieces (shirt – dupatta) and trousers designed with cool fabrics of lawn cotton perfect for your summer/spring wardrobe. Ethnic decided to bring back the traditional angrakha style with a chic style which will fit the spirit of 2018. To top it all off you can get matching accessories for your attire at the same place. All of what you need is provided under one roof, what could be more ideal? Do visit your nearest Ethnic store before it is all sold out!


By Horriya Tanveer

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