Esra Bilgic shocked to know that Imran Khan praised Ertugrul Ghazi!

Turkish actress and model Ersa Bilgic have become Pakistan’s sweetheart ever since Dirilis Ertugrul went on air. Pakistanis swoon over the Turkish beauty and tend to follow her on Instagram-many Pakistanis judge her though- but still she has been loved and lauded by Pakistani audience. Imran Khan also urged everyone to spend their quarantine time in a productive manner and also watch dramas like dirilis ertugrul to get connected with true Islamic values and teachings as it would attract youngsters. Acclaimed actor all the way from Turkey, Esra Bilgiç has swayed over Pakistan with her portrayal as Halime Sultan in historical series Diriliş: Ertuğrul.

Esra Bilgic expressed her happiness over receiving humongous praise and appreciation from Pakistan since the broadcast of Turkish serial, Dirilis Ertugrul on PTV.Talking to local English daily Dawn’s Icon magazine, Esra said: “When I saw the Prime Minister of Pakistan on Turkish news channels, saying that a successful project such as Ertugrul should be aired on their local channel.”

“I felt surprised and proud at the same time. If we didn’t have a pandemic upon us, I would have visited Pakistan several times by now,” she added. The actress previously also shared her opinion regarding visiting Pakistan and wants to meet Pakistani as soon as possible;

“I’m waiting excitedly to meet you all in Pakistan after this period. Take good care of yourselves. Stay in peace and health. If we didn’t have a pandemic upon us, I would have visited Pakistan several times by now,”

Also featured on the cover page of Pakistani magazines, the actress is also obsessed with Pakistani culture and her fans here.

Furthermore, the Turkish diva also revealed that she would be working with three Pakistani brands in future as well and she is really excited for this collaboration.

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