Ertugrul Ghazi spotted in Karachi?? Enjoying rain??

Turkish series Dirilis Ertugrul’s popularoity sky rocketed in past few months especially in Paksitan owing to it’s star studded cast and alluring script, Bringing forth the true Islamic values and connecting with Muslims, Pakistani were going gaga over the series. Prime minister Imran Khan also urged Pakistanis to spend quality time during quarantine and watch Dirilis Ertugrul Engin Altan was the main lead whoi won hearts of millions due to his dapper looks and astounding acting. Mustafa Hanif is a Pakistani You Tube who qualifies as the dopple ganger of Engin Altan and also gave an online interview;

“My name is Mustafa and many people in my office had watched Diriliş: Ertuğrul before it even came into Pakistan or started airing on PTV. I was often told that I resemble the leading character of the serial but I never paid much heed to it. Then when my own family started watching the show and said the same, I watched it too and was baffled,” Hanif said, “A few days back I went to the market without wearing a facemask, a few people recognised me and started talking to me.” Hanif added.

He also holds a degree in International Relations and is currently employed at a private firm. He promoted tourism in Pakistan through his channel and now started reviewing the series on his channel. . He also shared a video riding a horse and donning an Ertuğrul outfit on his social media that gained attention due to his uncanny resemblance with Engin Altan.

He also stated that he wants to visit turkey to meet the cast but he has no desire to meet Esra Bilgic, which is quite shocking for us!

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