Emran Hashmi wants to share screen with Sara Ali Khan?

For all those who haven’t heard of her, Sara Ali Khan is the daughter of actors Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh.Sara Ali Khan has gained a lot of attention with her hit at the box office Simmba. Besides that she’s also making headlines for her legal issues with the director of her debut film Kadernath.

Both her films scored big at the box office in just a year. Naturally, now Sara Ali Khan has a whole line-up of people that want to work with her.

The actress already has several projects lined up for 2019. Now even Emran Hashmi wants to work with her.“Though I haven’t seen her films but a couple of my friends and family members have praised her work. So I may work with her.”Emran Hashmi to star in Cheat India

The actor is doing pretty well himself with all the traction his upcoming flick Cheat India has gained with just a trailer.

The actor has shed his overtly objectified roles. He has now got into production and collaborated with Tony D’Souza on Azhar, a film on the life of cricketer Azharuddin. He then moved on to produce and act in social drama Cheat India.

“I am excited as a producer and as an actor because this is the script which came to me a year back. I was little shocked that something like this wasn’t made yet as it’s about the education system. The film is about fractured education system and majorly focuses on the cheating mafia. That is something I didn’t know about as to who functions from different states and who gets undeserving students to merit for money.”

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