Emma Watson: A Disney’s Beauty has made her mark with excitingly major transformations


Emma Watson: A Disney’s Beauty has made her mark with excitingly major transformations


Emma Watson has been an exceptional talent with brains since from her gawky pre-teens to the mature world of fame. We believe that it’s never been easy for any childhood star to keep up the pace and grace at the same time. She has stood her ground all through her time in the spotlight, being designated as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador in 2014 and a voice of gender equality – a significant act for any celebrity though.

From drowsy hair look to the sleek bobs, we have seen some tremendous transformation on the Red Carpet and the premiers. She gave us eye-striking style every year since she was 11-years of age, changing into a style symbol with an affinity for Dior. Along these lines, we have pulled together every last bit of her looks from 2001 to 2017 to report her transformation into a style legend.

Gawky Pre-teens Red Carpet looks

The first ever premiere look of Emma can’t make our eyes believe that if she is real. She has been a kind of personality who use to stay with family and hardly see the daylight. Red carpet appearance has something to be noticed by each and every person all around the world. So we have these unbelievable clicks of Watson from the “Potter’s” first premier in 2001.



Her Early till last teen look

With every passing year, Watson showed up with ever new origin of herself. Harry Potter’s Hermione has been striking our eyes all over her early till last teen year on different red carpets and the premiers. Probably she has got a stylist by then, that she really needed by that time to stick to the big screen. She began to make her mark in the fashion world, attending award ceremonies and fashion weeks on 2009.



May 30, 2004; London, England, UK; Actress EMMA WATSON at the UK premiere of 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban' at the Odeon theatre in Leicester Square, Central London. Mandatory Credit: Photo by JA501/ZBP/ZUMA Press. (©) Copyright 2004 by ZBP

Emma Said Goodbye to her ‘Hermione Hair’

In the age of 20, she needed a haircut after her everlasting role in Harry Potter’s last season and she cut her hair into a dramatic pixie crop to symbolize a desperate departure from the character of Hermione. We just loved this major transformation of her in 2010. Thanks to her stylist, as we have seen a tremendous change in her entire look.



Emma given the role of UN Women Goodwill Ambassador in 2014

She conveyed her speech in UN headquarters in July 2014, where she wore white belted mini coat by Dior and she was looking ravishing. She launched the campaign ‘HeforShe’ considering of gender equality and she has been doing her job impressively.


A True Beauty Emerged on the Big Screen in 2017

A beauty ‘Belle’ from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ remake in 2017 gave us exquisitely major looks on the premiers of this movie. She has typically surpassed her own game of style and looked absolutely stunning in every attire. From the UK to Los Angeles and Shanghai she mesmerized with her extremely ethereal beauty.


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