Emerging Young Talent of Pakistan’s Media Industry

As we know Pakistan’s film industry is full of amazing stars and talent. Each of them are playing their role very well to build and improve the image of Pakistan’s film industry and make it a successful platform for upcoming or future talents.
From the past few months we all have been noticing that many new face has emerged and few of them who caught our attention are Hania Amir, Kubra khan, Bilal Abbas Khan, Ahad Raza Mir and Mohsin Abbas Haider. These new emerging talents are proving themselves as a bright future for Pakistan’s film industry.

Kubra Khan:


Kubra Khan has made her entry from a movie ‘’Na Maloom Afrad’’ and continued with many Hit Drama Serials Overall she seemed a complete package of beauty, brain and talent and we may see her in more challenging roles.

Hania Amir:


Hania Amir started her career from a Movie Janan. Her beauty and talent caught attentions of many people and afterwards she started coming in many drama serials and advertisements.

Bilal Abbas Khan:


Many girls have been crushing over this new talent. He has been doing theaters with NAPA and was very fond of theatre and acting. He has been engaged with many projects like “Dum Pakhta” on A plus, telefilms and worked in Saya-e-dewar. He is a complete package of talent and good looks.
Ahad Raza Mir:


The new actor in town, Ahad Raza Mir, the son of renowned actor and producer Asif Raza Mir is winning the hearts already with his performance in Sammi. He has managed to impress everyone with his charm and realistic acting. He is now all set to work on two films with his father, a comedy and a love story.

Mohsin Abbas Haider:


Mohsin Abbas Haider is most talented and popular figure in Pakistan fashion industry. He is blessed with multiple attributes such as actor, singer, host and good writer. He gained popularity all around world due to his versatile personality. Right now, he is playing leading role in media industry and we all have seen him in many big projects like Na Maloom Afrad”, Muqabil, Coke Studio etc.

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