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InQishaaf has been a part of the Pakistan music scene since 2003. Tell us a little bit about your band.

Each of us has had a love and passion for music since a very young age. So in 2003 Shoaib and I decided to fuse together our distinct tastes in music and form the band, InQishaaf. Since then we have been looking for a serious drummer to come on board with us and were very lucky when during the recording of our second album ‘Kissa’ renowned drummer, Allan Smith said he wanted to join us. So since 2012 we have been a 3 member band comprising of: Shoaib Durrani on vocals, Shariq Khan on the guitar and Allan Smith on the drums. We are happy with the way the band is now and don’t plan on expanding or changing it.

Fans are always interested in knowing a little bit more about InQishaaf. Can you tell us a little bit about each of your band members?

Shariq Khan (Guitarist): I am a filmmaker and the owner of a production house by the name of Incision. When I am not recording or composing songs for the band I am producing commercials, corporate documentaries and music videos for big brands from the corporate and telecom sector.

Shoaib Durrani (Vocalist): As defined by the Dental News magazine I am a dentist by day and a rock star by night. Since 2006 I have been practicing dentistry through the day and my music through the nights. So I spend my days ensuring my clients get the best dental treatment I can provide and my nights at a recording studio or working on my music.

Allan Smith (Drummer): I am actually an engineer by profession but since 2003 I have been solely focused on my music. I produce and run a studio and enjoy working on different projects. When I am not drumming I am playing the bass guitar.

I believe your second album ‘Kissa’ has been released by Times Music India. How did this collaboration occur?

The deal with Times Music India occurred because of Allan. He believed that InQishaaf and our music had real potential to go international and seeing it as an opportunity he joined the band and took the initiative. So in October/November of 2012 we signed our contract with Times Music India and earlier this year they released our album ‘Kissa.’

Can you tell us a little bit about ‘Kissa’? And what makes it different from your debut album, ‘Khawabon aur Khaak ki Kahani’?

Kissa is our first international album and it has an old school rock sound to it. It comprises of a total of 10 songs including our first ever Sufi song “Ishq”. Kissa is a progressive album and it speaks about the happiness of the band. Apart from the three main band members, this album also features some of the best musicians in Pakistan, such as Sameer Ahmed (bassist) and guitar maestro Faraz Anwer.

Khawabon aur Khaak ki Kahani was our debut album that was released across the three major cities of Pakistan, Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad in December 2010. The 8 songs on it were a fusion of eastern and western influences and had a unique blend of soft ballads and alternative rock.

You mentioned your first ever Sufi song ‘Ishq’. What is this song about and when was it released?

Ishq is one of the songs on our album ‘Kissa’. It is our first ever Sufi song and is a beautiful soul searching interpretation of a very famous poet from our subcontinent. The video for Ishq was released in the beginning of July’13 by Times Music India and features Sameer Ahmed, Faraz Anwer, Khurram Aftab, Mansoor Majeed and Moeen Ahmed. Both the album and song were produced by Taimoor Mirza. We have dedicated Ishq to all our fans, both in Pakistan and India and around the world.

Ishq by InQishaaf (music video)

[vimeo id=”66677468″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

InQishaaf – Ishq Lyrics



Ishq Ishq, karda ay (x2)

Kaddi ishq di gunjal, khol sahii (x2)


Verse 1:

Tenu mitti day vich, rull daywayy (x2)

Dou boll pyaar day, bol sahi

Kadi ishq di gunjal khol sahi



Ishq ishq Karda ay


Verse 2:

Ik sukkh, tay ghum, hazaar milein (x2)

Kadi pyaar di taakri, toll sahii

Kadi ishq di gunjal khol sahii



Ishq Ishq Karda ay

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