What to eat when you’re really, really hungry!


Hunger pangs making your tummy a growling monster?

Struck by hunger and don’t know what to eat? Before you reach for those calorie ridden fries or find a shortcut and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time with those sinful brownies, take a moment to think! Remember the saying, ‘A moment on the lips, forever on the hips!’ Replace those cravings with good food choices!

Satiate your hunger with these 5 healthy and delicious foods:

Broth-based soups are an excellent way to start your meals and are lighter than higher-calorie cream soups. Choose vegetable soups, with a healthy balance of proteins in beans, chicken, or fish. Yum, yum, slurp!

Easy to make and tasty to drink, smoothies are great as they make excellent use of seasonal fruits with yogurt and you can also add your favourite herbs and veggies that will make your smoothie your personal nutrition power bank!

Veggie Pasta:
Veggie Pasta
Choose whole-wheat pasta and add a bunch of your favorite sautéed veggies. When you increase the proportion of vegetables to pasta, you’ll be satisfied more as you’ll stay fuller for longer. Pasta is great to make healthy dishes as it’s available in a variety of forms and there’s so many ways to cook with it!


Going to the movies or calling friends over, popcorn is an ideal snack to munch on. Packed and dense with energy, you’ll be surprised how much a few kernels will go a long way! It’s a treat to see them pop and will give you the sensory satisfaction because they increase literally 40 times their original size when popped!

Big salads:
Big salads
Choose a big, leafy salad with a healthy portion of salad dressing and cheese to make you stay full for longer as well as satisfy your need to munch on something chewy. Salads are great with fruits and vegetables both. Mmm… crunch, munch, munch!
Looking for more ways to satisfy your hunger? Choose fish, as studies show that fish provides more satiety than chicken or beef. Veggies, such as sweet potatoes, white potatoes (with the skin), a handful of carrots, as well as whole-grain breakfast cereals or breads, are also satisfying.

Don’t forget hygiene!

While ordering your food, remember hygiene and stay clean and safe! Restaurants around you are taking part in the ‘I Choose Clean’ Movement, initiated by Rose Petal Professional in partnership with SCAFA, to create awareness about globally observed hygiene practices in commercial kitchens. #DunkinDonuts, #FryPan, #BambooUnion, #CosaNostra and #GloriaJeans have already partnered and pledged for #IChooseClean with more restaurants set to partner for the next training session on May 23rd.

You can join the movement and find out more here: https://www.facebook.com/RosePetalProfessionalPK/

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