Don’t get stuck to fashion seasons, try out ensembles that are trans-seasonal

Sometimes, it is cool to break all the rules and follow your heart. When it comes to wardrobe essentials, one can also break free from the trend trap and go for something that lasts a long time. Invest in a trans-seasonal wardrobe and be stress free all year long.

“Simply put, this translates as all year fashion,” says Mumbai-based designer Harsh Gupta, adding, “It’s not for a particular season or specific climactic condition but much beyond that. Trans-seasonal fashion doesn’t follow any rules, and has more neutral form of expression that works amazingly for all the seasons and in-between too.”

A single word that can win the day for trans-seasonal fashion is — versatility. As long as a piece can be worn in multiple ways and multiple times and looks great throughout, you know you are on the right track.

Harsh adds, “Creating combinations is the key element in making it work best. To achieve that you need to rely on layering and un-layering. A summer piece transforms into a winter piece by just a little mix and match. For instance, in summer you can wear the shirt unbuttoned over a vest but the same shirt can be buttoned all the way down in winters with a cardigan over it. Or you can wear a short skirt in the hot months and in the autumn that follows team it with leggings. Accessories too help in lifting a basic style and making them appear different. Introducing a colourful woollen stole can make your LBD’s transition from S/S to A/W a smooth affair.”

Designer Pallavi Mohan also underlines  layering and smart styling as the essential factors in optimising the trans-seasonal quotient of an outfit. She says, “A shirt dress can go solo in summer, and in winter team up with a jetting. The end result is stylish in both the seasons. Fabrics too have an important role here. Denims, silks and cottons make it to the year round list. And when it comes to colours, hues of blue and monochromes work magically beyond the seasonal trap.”

Delhi-based designer Urvashi Kaur has come up with a trans-seasonal collection. “A bohemian and adaptable approach are essential to this concept. The fabrics you choose also play a pivotal role. Natural organic fabrics and handwoven weaves give breathing space, hence they can be your year long companions. Going the metallic way is another smart way to break the season code. On the colour front, stay neutral and go for a shade like ekru. It flows easily from one season to another,” she suggests.

Deepika Govind lists some trans-seasonal pieces that are sure-fire hits: “Take the white shirt, not too blousy. Think square cut shirts with short sleeves. Boxy cuts in crisp white cotton or pastels. Wear it over a mid-length skirt (not tucked in) or wear it over white trousers. Once the temperature starts falling, try adding a beige linen jacket to your all season black satin or georgette top. The key advice — just be a little creative.”

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