Doctors are fighting in this gloomy time with all smiles: Check out this video!

Amidst this dark and grim time when everyone is sulking at the corner of their houses during lockdown, doctors and paramedics are standing at the frontline to prevent the spread of corona virus and putting their lives at the stake in doing so. Requesting everyone to stay at their homes as they are out to save us all away from their families. Making this whole situation a less painful and to show everyone a silver lining in the dark clouds, these doctors are also showing their fun side by using tik tok and doing fun challenges as they are treating critical corona virus patients. We have grabbed our hands on many exhilarating videos by the doctors straight from hospitals that have made us all smile.

As they treated a critical patient on ventilator, the team of professional doctors celebrated the patient’s recovery in an exquisite way. Made a fun video on tik tok in which they showed their merriment and dance moves. Portraying the message to the masses that Corona virus is indeed curable.

This gesture proved it to the world that no matter how difficult are the times, if we stand together and unite, we can defeat anything that comes our way. Clearly giving us hopes and also making us all adrenaline charged via these amazing videos. Further enhancing our fatith over doctors that they are making every effort to save humanity and fighting at the front line in curbing this novel virus.

We need to support them and for that we have to stay home and taken care of each other. Especially the ones who are in need and cannot afford their day to day requirements. Armed forces and paramedics are staying out in order to save our lives from Corona virus. This outbreak has claimed lives of thousands around the world and continues to do same!

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