Disaster struck in the history of Pakistan Fashion Weeks

Disaster struck in the history of Pakistan Fashion Weeks as audience were exposed to one of the worst fashion disasters in the history. Last two days were the worst one could imagine and we wish that it never had occurred.

What said, what promised and what delivered, the things told are not less than a lie, based on false promises and claiming, the shows that were supposed to happen ended up in a complete cataclysm. Both companies that claim to own rights of Fashion Runway Pakistan and Fashion District does not possess skills that needed to execute a successful show, put their reputation at risk.

Some of the big names in the industry were used to make shows successful, but without appropriate management and proficient team the organizers never had a chance to put up a show. A-list designers, Country most reputed Hair n makeup franchise Toni N Guy (north), Media Partners HumTv and Ebuzztoday, sponsors and all the beautiful models who fly from different cities and even some from abroad, have depraved stories to tell back home. Not only the Pakistani Fashion image which all of us worked hard to build over the years was damaged but the faith of the fashion fertinity is shaken.

From the bottom of our sartorially obsessed heart, we love Fashion Weeks and many of the values that it stands for. However it is learning lesson for all the organizers/sponsors who want to put up a fashion week. We advise them to learn from the mistakes which are done in the last two days, listen to your working partners and value their opinion they have more experience than you guys as they are in the industry before you. Hire the right person for the right job if you are having issues with the budget than please wait until you got. We want our industry to grow, we want to see new talent on the ramp but before taking a step further do your homework, or your next show will never happen or be a complete disaster.

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