Did Sonam Kapoor take credit herself for Fawad Khan’s Bollywood success??

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Sonam Kapoor explained what really happened in the making of the movie khoobsurat. She elaborated that no body to work with her because the name of the movie was khoobsurat and it was really difficult to find a male lead for that so eventually we headed to cast Fawad Khan in the lead which resultingly lead to his success in Bollywood, this is what she said,

“I can’t explain how difficult it was to make Aisha. Do you know how much effort it took to make Khoobsurat? No hero wanted to work with me because it was called Khoobsurat. I had to get Fawad Khan from Pakistan,” she revealed in an interview with Filmfare. “And look at what happened. Fawad became a huge star. He had confidence.”

Despite the band from India on Pakistani Artists working in Bollywood, fawad Khan is still loved by Bollywood directors and has million of fans across the border due to HIS acting skills!