Dharmendra admitted to hospital?

Fans of the iconic superstar Dharmendra woke up on Thursday to alarming reports of the superstar being hospitalized.

However, his dream girl wife Hema Malini puts all fan-worries to rest. “His blood level fell. Sunny (son Deol) insisted that Dharamji get admitted into hospital. He had to be administered bottles of blood, that’s all. He is fine now. I know it’s hard to imagine him as being old.”

Hema sadly acknowledges that even evergreen heroes tend to age. “Unki ab umar ho gayi hai. But his fans don’t need to be alarmed. He will be out of the hospital by Saturday. Actually, he insisted that he wanted to be out by lunch time on Friday. But the doctors wouldn’t let him.”

Apparently, the hot-blooded Garam Dharam had been feeling weak for a while.

Says Hemaji, “He has been suffering from a pain in his shoulder. I think it was related to the falling blood-level. Now that he has been given supplementary blood he should be fine, all aches and pains should be gone.”

She recalls how Dharamji insisted on attending her ‘Krishna Mahotsav’ last month. “I told him it would strenuous for him. But he insisted on being there.”

The doting wife reveals that Dharamji spends most of his time nurturing his farm on Lonavla.

“I visited his farm on our wedding anniversary last month. He is doing so many things there. He is so proud of that farm. And there’s so much work waiting to be done there,” says Hema affectionately.

The couple is now looking forward to their daughter Ahana’s first-born. “It will be any time now. I’ve taken the entire month of June off from work in my parliamentary constituency Mathura.”