Destiny brings a dramatic twist in Noor Jahan’s life


The story is based on the life of Noor Jahan – a girl who is the apple of her father’s eye because of her innocence and simplicity. She becomes the love interest of Salman at first sight and subsequently his love turns into a marriage proposal. To his dismay, Noor’s mother rejects the proposal and fixes her engagement with someone else. The dramatic build up by her mother becomes humiliating for Salman; consequently he decides to get Noor Jahan at any cost. He comes at the betrothal ceremony of Noor, which ultimately breaks off her engagement.

Noor Jehan goes through the vagaries of life and walks into a difficult marriage with Zaheer. Zaheer is a dry and serious man and not an easy to deal with. Her only saving grace is Zaheer’s two sisters.

Life throws further challenges for Noor Jahan when Salman enters her life again.

Is the return of Salman an indication of a new twist? How is Zaheer going to react if he finds out about her past? What is the true color of Salman?

Written by: ShabnamSani                                                                                            Directed by: Furqan Adam


Azekah Daniel

Omer Shahzad

Hassam Khan

Farhan Ally Agha



Shahzad Raza

Sajida Syed

Kainat Chauhan

Sonia Rao

Hira Shaikh

Wahaj Khan


Seema Khan







& Others

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