DermoViva Launches in Lahore – Natural Care for the most precious ones!

The journey of parenthood is undoubtedly the most beautiful phase of a person’s life, which is filled with emotions such as happiness, triumph, ambivalence, anxiety, apprehension, and utter exhaustion. New parents are often over-whelmed by the long checklists of new born “essentials”, however merely purchasing healthcare products for your little one is not enough but it is also extremely important to pay attention to the ingredients used in the products you will be purchasing for your baby since infants and small children are exposed to a far greater risk of catching diseases and/or allergies as opposed to adults.

A baby’s hands, toys or in that case anything they touch, is most likely to be put in their mouth. Being at floor level most of the time, they inhale higher levels of chemical carrying dust as well as the chemicals being released from the flooring itself. However, what makes this even more dangerous for children is the fact that they have a much smaller body mass than adults which of course causes their exposure ratios to be much higher when exposed to the same levels of contamination.

One of the major reasons babies are exposed to harmful chemicals is the various baby products used on them externally. Parents mostly tend to trust a product to be safe for their child if it claims so on its label, but ingredients are the biggest factor in ensuring any product to be infant friendly.

Ingredients such as Paraffins [inexpensive but quite dangerous, it is used mostly in creams for babies’ use], Parabens [found in baby toiletries due to it being a cheap and highly effective preservative], Sulphates [one of the most commonly found ingredients, it is present in not just skin care products but also externally used products such as toothpastes and mouthwashes. It is also arguably the most dangerous ingredient for infants] and Phthalates [found in a large number of baby care products, if a baby puts a product containing phthalates in their mouth they are exposed to a very high risk of infigestion] are harmful chemicals found commonly in baby products like shampoos, oils, lotions and the like. Regular use of these harmful chemicals can result in numerous healthcare issues such as skin irritation which usually leads to redness, irritation, burning and stinging. These of course are very disturbing instances for parents who constantly try to keep their precious bundles of joy safe from any discomfort and harm.

For these very reasons, globally parents have now started switching to products which are free from any such harmful chemicals to keep their children safe and healthy. Thankfully, such products are now also accessible for us here in Pakistan. One of the most prestigious companies of our region, Dabur recently held the launch event of their natural baby care products line DermoViva in Lahore. The iconic brand is synonymous with trustworthy quality products, and has carried its legacy of providing their customers with pure natural products forward with DermoViva.

The product range of Dermoviva is based on pure virgin olive oil, often referred to as “liquid gold”. Olive oil is considered to be no less than a magic weapon in our lives, due to its countless benefits. One of the healthiest oils on the earth, olive oil is loaded with vital antioxidants such as Vitamin E, Polyphenols, and Phytosterols, which make it an ideal choice for nourishing sensitive skin. The oleic acid present in olive oil also helps protect tender baby skin keeping it soft and supple.

What undoubtedly makes Dermoviva the perfect choice for babies is its mild formulation which will not only help reduce your child’s exposure to insidious toxic chemicals, but also keep your baby’s skin nourished, smooth and protected. By switching to DermoViva, you will also be taking a very important step in the elimination of many toxic chemicals from your baby’s environment and keeping them protected naturally. The product line includes olive massage oil, which will help revitalize your baby’s tender skin without any harmful chemicals and olive shampoo, which will gently cleanse your baby’s delicate hair and scalp in the most natural way.

DermoViva was launched with a very exciting and engaging activity at Fortress Square Mall. The children who attended the event participated in a race which had four major obstacles [which interestingly depicted the four harmful toxic chemicals most commonly found in baby products]. The child who managed to get through all obstacles within the allotted time was awarded a hand impression in a branded DermoViva frame as a keepsake. However, to keep the spirits of all children high, the runner ups were also gifted coloring books and colored pencils which definitely made it a memorable time for all families attending.

The products of DermoViva are now available across Pakistan. Try the magic of natural goodness – you can be assured that your precious is in good care.

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