HE WHAT?! – Deja Vu’s Amir Sindhu Plays Mouth Trumpet in Ep 03 of Pepsi Battle of The Bands


Pepsi Battle of the Bands has a knack for producing something outlandish every once in a while. EP getting together to perform, Meesha Shafi debuting her single on the big stage, Aaroh coming back to the music scene, and you know the rest. But adding to the list is something really cool that happened on the stage of Season 03’s first knock-out round.

While all the bands were to give their best show on Retro theme for this round to stay in the safe zone for reaching next level, Déjà vu, one of the participating bands, were set to perform their rendition Purani Jeans aur Guitar by Ali Haider. Their performance received mixed reviews but we thoroughly enjoyed it. And what caught our attention was that mid-way through the song, you could hear a trumpet in the background that was mixing really well with the vocals. Nothing out of the ordinary right, it’s every day work after all. But this WAS out of the ordinary.

You may ask HOW? Well, as Bilal Masood of Strings pointed out that it was the Amir Sindhu, one of the band members, who was playing the trumpet using his voice. Astounding! Isn’t it? Even Ayesha Omer the co-host came onto the stage in surprise and shock on this revelation. We can safely say that she was impressed, and needless to say so were we.

The judges really liked the performance and only criticized the lack of energy on the stage citing that they were just going through the motion. But that trumpet lad had their full attention, and ours too. What about yours? Watch their full performance here:

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