Deepika Padukone’s high-heel fetish creates problem for Saif Ali Khan

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone, according to most websites, is around 5’9”. But, perhaps because of her lanky frame, the actress looks even taller. And like all fashion-conscious women, she loves her high heels. Deepika’s high-heel fetish has its share of problems. Saif Ali Khan, her co-star in three films —Race 2, Cocktail and Love Aaj Kal — is just around 5’10”. One heard that during the making of Race 2, Deepika was forced to kick off her stilettos every time she got close to Saif. However, in solo shots and scenes where there were other actors — like John Abraham and Anil Kapoor — Deepika insisted that her designer provide her with really high heels.

A source says, “Deepika loves her heels and hated the fact that she had to wear flats to romance Saif.” Saif, of course, has a terrific sense of humour. When asked if it there was any truth to the heel-story, he said, “Yes, it is true”. The actor joked, “Deepika is already very tall. When she wears heels, she stands 6’5”. With that height, she should work more with Mr Amitabh Bachchan and even taller heroes. I can’t think of many heroes who are as tall as Mr Bachchan.” Saif added, “As men, we are not a very tall race in India. For us, five feet ten inches is a good height. But Deepika, as I said, looks 6’5”. I do not know which culture that is okay in. Perhaps in the Amazonian culture. But never mind, Deepika looks great in heels. God bless her.” That was not all. Tongue firmly in cheek, he said, “Whenever there was a close-up with me, I would tell Deepika that I would appreciate if she took off her heels.

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