Deepika Padukone is a nightrider


Deepika Padukone, who is currently shooting in Goa, has been spotted often exploring the place at night, driving around after wrapping up her shoot.

Our source from the sets says, “During the night, Deepika loves driving on the empty roads and takes immense pleasure in getting to know unexplored areas. She only gets a chance to do this in the night, when there are very few vehicles on the roads.”

The actress really values her me-time in the midst of a hectic schedule. “This is the only time of the day she prefers keeping to herself and spend some time in solitude. However, if she does get recognised by fans she obliges them with photographs and autographs,” the source adds.

Unlike other stars who visit Goa, Deepika speaks the local language, Konkani, fluently.

And it seems, she has been impressing her Goan fans with her command over the language. Somebody sure appears to be on a winning streak!

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