Deepak Perwani designing protective suits for Paramedics!

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In the light of present situation, celebrities are making every effort to aware people regarding the precautions and severity of the issue. In doing so, Pakistani celebrities are making an accurate use of their respective social media platforms to accentuate the matter with utter zeal. Number of corona virus cases in Pakistan are rising high and claiming lives of many, for curbing its spread further, influential personalities are bringing into play their skills and urging people to stay at home to save lives. Fashion fraternity is also illustrating the right way to contribute amidst this difficult time. Lately Asim Jofa has made protype protective suits for paramedics and doctors who are fighting war against corona virus at the front line.

Deepak Perwani, renowned fashion designer has also come forward and jumped onto the band wagon. He has also started designing Prototype protective suits for healthcare officials, doctors and paramedics respectively. Deepak Perwani has always been at the fore front whenever any aid is required. Acknowledging and appreciating the efforts put in by our brave doctors, Deepak Perwani is contributing by making suits for them to stop the spread of corona virus.